Help me finance my first project as an NYU Graduate Student! Remember my post about having to shoot an MOS film as a first project? It’s time to raise money for it! It is nice enough of you to want to support this project, so if you can contribute as little as 1$ is even enough for me (Although I won’t say no, if you’d like to do more than that :)), but if you can’t do absolutely anything financially, you can always just help me spread the word around to find more people who can! Just share this post by clicking the social media button underneath or by posting the link of the indiegogo page of my project! Thank you, oh so much, even for reading this post!

As for the script, it’s evolving but revolving around the same storyline. It’s still about Tara taking Polaroid pictures around the town like it’s a usual day. Little did she know though, that she’d run into a big surprise! If you want to see the whole picture, be sure to support it anyway you can!

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